Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Something for Me

All week, I am teaching Alan, taking care of the house or running errands. It is unusual to be doing something for myself besides exercising. About every six weeks, I go to see my hair stylist. This is definitely something I do for myself. He cuts my hair carefully in a style I can manage by myself. He also still colors it. This summer, I experimented with going grey. I didn't like the look and put it off for awhile with his encouragement. It does take a little while to get the color and highlights into my hair. After that, though, he washes it out and then cuts and blow dries my hair. When I am done, I feel more like me again. Tonight, I brought him a Christmas gift. He gave me a hug when I gave him the gift. Then, we chatted a bit about our respective families. It is a comfortable relationship with another parent. Of course, in this busy season, he had other customers to take care of. I spent the time reading a magazine. I leafed through some home decorating mags that I don't normally see. I read some Time magazine articles. This was welcome downtime. When I was all done, I left the shop feeling good. It must be gratifying to have a job where you make people feel good.


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