Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting "It" All Done

This time of year, people have short tempers when they might have saved themselves the ire if they had figured out that they would have to wait a bit. I was in the line-up at the post office on Monday afternoon. Now I know from past years that any Monday in December is going to have long lines at the post office. I asked Alan to bring a book so he had something to do. Truth be told, we were out of there in half an hour. The tension in the air from frazzled customers was obvious. This happened to me last year at a UPS store, so I know it isn't only the post office.

We also have to figure in how much patience we all have for all the stops we want to make. Today we added in a couple of stops to our usual Tuesday afternoon routine which already has a lot of driving. When it came time to leave gymnastics and get a bite to eat at Inn 'N' Out, before going on to Kohl's Department store on the way home, Alan balked. He declared that he wanted to go directly home. We did, but I was resentful. After all, I had been driving him around all afternoon. However, on reflection, sitting with dh after a catch-as-catch can supper (our term for foraging in the fridge and cupboards and coming up with sustenance enough to satisfy oneself) and reading the paper together was better than cruising through the store. Yes, I would have got some items off my list and dh had planned to go with Alan to get my gift which was on sale there, it was much better to be at home with only ruffled feathers that were soon smoothed rather than an unpleasant meal Alan didn't want and his complaints throughout the shopping trip. We will get enough gifts to give and our outlook about the season will be pleasant because we gave ourselves enough time and enough slack. Put your feet up, pour yourself a warm drink, and reflect on your blessings. I am.



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