Thursday, December 07, 2006

Small Joys

I've been thinking lately about little things that give me pleasure. They certainly help me be more positive in my outlook in general.

One of the things that gives me a small thrill is painting my nails. For years, I have not had fingernails to paint. I was a nail biter until a couple of years ago. I paint my fingernails with clear polish now because I am still learning how to give myself a manicure. I can't seem to get all 10 of my fingernails looking good at the same time. I am going to pick up some Sally Hanson red polish to paint my toenails for the holidays. I read recently that Sally Hanson has taken a bunch of nasty chemicals out of their entire line. Every time I glance down when my feet are bare, I will grin.

Another little thrill this time of year is singing along to Christmas carols and winter songs. I don't have a "good" voice like Tammy, one of my on-line friends. She is lucky that she and her two kids all can sing and be in local productions and church programs. For those of us who sing flat, it is best if we sing at home. Nobody cares, though, in my own home, if I sing along, so I do. Alan likes to put carols on at lunch time and nearly every day he remembers we listen and I sing.

I own a few pieces of nice jewelry. This time of year, there is more opportunity to wear sparkly things. I like to get them out and wear them. I could use some more costume jewelry earrings, too. I find that they get lost more than I would like.

All the cards that have started to arrive are fun to look over, especially the ones with notes on them. For a change, I ordered some this year with our photo on them. They will be later than I like going out, but I am hoping that having the photo and the notes I will write, will brighten some people's day.

I will be looking for ideas from other moms who are busy this time of year to see what they suggest helps them have some fun during their day.



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