Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our Almost Fifteen Year Old Son Learns to Shave

Night before last, Don told Alan he was going to teach him how to shave because Alan wanted to remove the scraggly mustache he had grown. Alan owns an electric razor and had tried it out but without success. Don said that the electric razor couldn't handle the "peach fuzz."

Here is how just a small bit of the dialog went between Don and Alan:

"Dad, I don't want shaving cream. I don't want it. I don't want shaving cream."

"Alan, come here. I'll just use water."

"Dad, I don't want a razor. A sharp razor. I don't want it."

"Alan, you will have a beard growing down to your knees."

"I don't want a beard. I don't want shaving cream. I don't want a razor."
"I have a tough decision to make. A beard down to my knees or a sharp razor." "OK, I'll do it."

Patient Dad sliced off the few hairs after patting a dab of shaving cream above Alan's lip. Dad says that next time he will get Alan to do the shaving now that he has accepted the shaving cream and razor.

Alan likes how he looks now. Each new process takes much protesting. However, he is able to reason out what he wants and doesn't want and what he will put up with.



Blogger The Glasers said...

Poor Alan! He's in a no-win situation! :-) I am glad he survived his first experience with shaving cream.

David (NT, 14) has had a light mustache for years. Out of the blue, he decides to shave it! He must have used shampoo or soap, so I bought him some shaving cream.

As with many things (alphabet, reading, computer gaming, reading music, playing the recorder, etc.), he is self-taught at shaving. If only he could do that with algebra, my life would be bliss!


4:14 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

How great that he was able to reason it out that way. Although, a beard down to his knees might be interesting :-)

5:34 AM  

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