Monday, December 04, 2006

Dancing in the Dining Room
Yesterday, dh was hanging a new valance in the dining room. We have ordered new drapes but they have not arrived. He had to put up a new rod anyway for the valance, so he hung it. I was there holding things in my accustomed role. He sent me to get the measuring tape once. Mostly, I held things such as the rod while he put the valance onto it and also when he was actually installing the rod. Once, I found the mislaid plastic end to the valance under the table runner. Now the valance is in place and I think it looks grand. We decided to return the scarf as it would be overpowering in the smallish room. I think we agreed that the choice of pattern was a good one to go with the new rug under the dining table. All this made me feel pretty good.
There was one thing that made me feel especially happy that had nothing to do with the project. There was music on the stereo from "our time." Our first dates were dances at university. We went to many back then. Once we left university, though, dances have been few. Most of them have been at company functions with music that was so loud neither of us could enjoy it, along with many other couples having to decide between dancing or intact ear drums. This time, the music was at home and at a chosen volume. As we were finishing up, dh took a dancing stance and drew me to him. We danced together for the first time in a long time. I have always enjoyed dancing with him.



Blogger Junosmom said...

Very nice. Now, will you come to my house and put up some valances? :-)

5:58 AM  
Blogger The Glasers said...

When Pamela doesn't get her way, she'll chant. If she thinks the answer is four and I am trying to explain where she went wrong in the math problem, she'll softly say, "We want four! We want four!"

Borrowing a page from her book, "We want pictures! We want pictures!" It would be so cool to see pictures of the valance!!! :-)


10:24 AM  

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