Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Got A Minute?

Some days, I hardly get a moment to breathe. Tonight, we started off well. Don and I read the paper together after dinner. Then I cleared the table and started the dishwasher because he had made dinner while Alan and I were out at Alan's gymnastics class. Next, Don started to assemble a set of shelves he had ordered and waited a long time for. They required me to help measure and help hold them as they were difficult to get on the screws just right.

I got a couple of phone calls. One was a call that is trying to get me to buy long term care insurance. I asked her to send me something in the mail. One can't get long term care insurance with certain pre-existing conditions, she said. I don't have any but given my age, I need to take a serious look at this.

I answered some e-mail before I sat down to blog. It is true that that is a little bit of me time. It didn't seem like much though.

I started the washer and dryer after dinner also, and just when I sat down to blog, the dryer beeped. I always go and empty it immediately when it has Don's work shirts in it. I am afraid I yelled when I couldn't find him to hang up his shirts that I was carrying upstairs. Once he was free, he did come and help fold towels and take a few of his items to put away. Then I had to go with Alan to brush our teeth. Since he got a dismal report on dental hygiene, I have been brushing and flossing simultaneously with him each evening. It is one more thing I have to do with him. Most days, I don't mind. Tonight, I felt harried.

Oh, well, tomorrow is another day and I hope to do better. I need to carve out half an hour in the evening if I can to do something I want to do and design it so I won't have the dryer interrupting or some other household task. I also think that I will do better when I can catch up on my sleep now that the wind that has been waking me in the night seems to be calming down. I learned today that the Santa Ana winds that blow from the desert to the sea and drive wildfires are worst in December. Last year, it rained before Christmas. This year, we have had air that is as dry as in Death Valley or Antarctica according to the meterologist I heard on NPR today. Those winds are enough to make anyone cranky.


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