Sunday, December 10, 2006

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

We could have decorated our tree earlier. However, we knew that our daughter, Cate, was coming here for her birthday. In the past, traditionally, we haven't decorated until her birthday. She seemed to enjoy doing it with us.

Don has got into getting at least two dated ornaments for every year he can. He buys them on ebay. The reason we had some holes is because when Alan was small, he decided to climb the decorated Christmas tree. Many ornaments were smashed. Don really enjoys this collection. So much so, that there isn't much room left for ornaments that are not dated. We did find some room for some of the ornaments for early trees in our own marriage and some from my parents' trees.

Cate also got into decorating the banister here. You see, when we had the long banister in Walnut, she decorated it with garlands and lights the year that Dana first brought Kal to our home for Christmas. Ever since, he has talked about "Christmas up and down the stairs." The years she has done the banister decorating, they have been beautiful.

The first year in this home, we had her birthday and Christmas among the boxes. We had so many moving boxes, we made trails through them to get from room to room. This year, we are still decorating our home. We installed a new set of drapes and valance to replace the faded drapes and bought a rug for under the dining table. This is a joint project between Don and me, with him being the one to figure out most of it.

We don't have an outdoor display, at least not yet, beyond our Christmas banner and five poinsettias plants at the door. Many of our neighbors have elaborate light displays. It is rainy tonight, so we have postponed our walk in the neighborhood until tomorrow night.

I did get Don to put some rum in egg nog and I enjoyed a seasonal drink. He is watching Miracle on 34th Street while he trolls the Internet for Christmas and birthday presents for Alan. Since Alan's birthday is still within the season (it is actually the Christmas Day for Eastern Orthodox celebrants on January 6), we need to order now.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.



Blogger The Glasers said...

We are in the middle of moving, so no Christmas decorations will go up this year! Right now, our decorations are in boxes in a storage shed around the block from our new house. We have been gradually emptying the house in which we live now.

But, we are in the Christmas spirit because of all the music we do this time of year between concerts and special music! Moving can cancel decorations, but it rarely cancels music! :-)

6:13 AM  

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