Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Trying to Look Youthful
I'm trying to look and be as youthful as I can be without looking or being ridiculous. I see others making some errors that I don't want to make. I have made some myself and felt foolish.
For instance, I know that I need to limber up. I see people with that stiff walk that show that they spend too much time sitting. Then, when they do get up on their feet, they walk like a marionette. I don't want that to happen to me anytime soon. That's why I'm stretching and researching yoga.
I'm also still coloring my hair. I tried going lighter. A kind of blonde I was this summer. I even let some white grow out. Mom did that when she turned the age I am now. Let herself go white. I decided that I am not ready for that, with the help of my stylist, who was thrilled to go back to coloring my hair darker, with some highlights. I don't want to have one of those all one color hair dye jobs that make it look like I am wearing a wig. So, for now, with a teenager still at home, I am bothering to see my stylist and fit in so that I look like others around here. I hope nobody is snickering at me. Go ahead if you are reading. I can't hear you.
So, with the colored hair, I am still plucking out the odd white hair from my eyebrows. When they get more numerous, I wonder if I should be buying a pencil to try to cover the white hairs? Who knows?
I am also having a look at some make-up tricks. I read that if my lipstick bleeds, I can try edging my lips with concealer first. I don't notice my lipstick bleeding yet, but if it does, I hope I can remember this long enough to try it. I don't wear lipstick all the time. This season is dry, though, and I like to keep lipstick on my lips to prevent chapping. Of course, I could get in the habit of slicking them with gloss. I may have to try that.
I know not to use frosted products on my face. I have seen what that can do to older skin. It gets in the ruts. I saw a suggestion to put "a dab of white underneath my brows to make my eyes pop." No, that won't work for me. My current worry is not to bring any attention to my already smaller than usual eyes. My eyelids are sagging so badly that I may have to contemplate some kind of eyelid surgery just so I can continue to see out. I don't want that sad hound dog look.
So far, I haven't grown jowls. I am afraid of those flaps. I am, though, in danger of developing a scrawny chicken neck. I hope I can live with it when it happens. Not much I can do about that. I can't wear turtlenecks in California.
Now and then I do worry about my presentation. What does the world see when it looks at me? I hope I project a satisfactory image so that I won't put people off. I don't want to look like I'm cross nor a clown. Someone pleasant and friendly is my hope.



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