Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Zapping Stress

Most people these days have some stress in their lives. I know I do. So what do you do to zap stress? I have written about exercising. Tonight, I am going to lift some free weights. Last night, I did some stretches for my legs using my yoga band. I listened to big band music when I was getting ready for bed.

Something that is stressful for me is clutter on surfaces. I need desperately to get the table in the living room we call the game table cleared off. Tomorrow, I am going to go to Target. I can get some supplies there for organizing all the piles of paper into binders and other holders. Somehow, having the right supplies motivates me to get the job done. I have also made a deadline for myself.

Something I read recently suggested sighing away stress. Inhale deeply. Then exhale through a sigh and imagine your worries disappearing with the sigh. When I was visiting Dana, there was a bottle of shampoo that said that the Japanese imagine the water washing away the past when they are in the shower. I suggested that to Kal. I also read that if we get more oxygen into our bodies through exercise, later stresses don't have the same flight or fight effect on us that they would if we had less oxygen.

Another thing I can recommend is to make a warm drink. I am awash in tea when I am at home and not going out. Tonight, I am going to treat myself. I will make a large cup of hot cocoa with milk. Then I will squirt a dollop of whipped cream on top. Mmmm. After the weights. Yup. Gotta move. That's the best stress zapper of all.


Blogger The Glasers said...

Here is a paradox--my favorite stress buster also causes stress! I love to sing and others appreciate my voice, so this time of year I sing often. Singing, especially in a small group with tight harmonies, gives me joy. I am part of a trio, and we will be singing "Lo, How a Rose 'Ere Blooming" on December 10 a cappella (no instruments). It gives me goose bumps.

Sometimes I go to rehearsals dragging, but I usually come home in a merry mood! Part of it could be the oxygen connection for singers tend to breathe from the diaphragm.

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