Friday, December 01, 2006

Not A Technophobe
I am not a technophobe. I do try to learn new systems and enjoy the many advantages that they have. It does throw me off when I try something like posting to my blog and I get something like this message: scheduled outage at 3 p. m. PST. It is long after that time. It seems to me that it should have been taken care of by now. I type on, or should I say, keyboard on, and hope that this will eventually be published.
I switched to the beta version of blogger somewhat after the time that I was first asked to do so. I had one username and then I was told to enter an existing e-mail address for myself and it would be my new username. But it doesn't work. I can only post if I first type in my old username and then up comes the e-mail address username and asks me to please log in using it. I sent an e-mail to the help desk and got back the request to use my e-mail address. The person obviously didn't read what it was that made the problem. I can't type in my e-mail address and post because I get back the message that there is no account for that e-mail address. But there is. When I type in my old username, the e-mail address comes up in the username blank. So I think the job of switching me over to my e-mail address was only half done. I don't imagine it was a human that made the error. However, it likely takes a human to fix it. I hope I don't lose my blog by losing access to it. I don't know how to fix it other than writing again to the help desk, repeating my problem, and asking for help. If you have any idea how else to address this problem, please e-mail me. Thanks. I really do try to learn how to use this blog and all kinds of other items that seem to be more and more complex. Unfurrow my brow! Help me out here. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
BTW, what has become of the ability to center the title of the blog? That has disappeared, too.



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