Monday, November 27, 2006

Chocolate, I Want Chocolate!

Oh, I've found some, but it isn't very satisfying. I want a chocolate bar or a chocolate from a box of chocolates.

What is it about chocolate? In our family, there are two who don't crave chocolate, one female and one male. I just don't get it. I don't get why I and others crave it, nor why some people can take it or leave it.

The chocolate I've found is not hard. It isn't as satisfactory. On the other hand, given having no chocolate or this chocolate, I'll take it. It is comforting.

Chocolate doesn't last long with me. I will keep helping myself until it is gone. That's why I only buy a chocolate bar occasionally. It's why I don't really appreciate having a whole box of chocolates around. It is why I send the Halloween candy off with Don to his office where someone else can add to poundage besides me.

A single piece of excellent chocolate from Switzerland, Germany, France or Austria is a wonderful treat. I can eat it and then it is gone. Sometimes when Don has to go to Europe, he will bring said treat for me. I hope he does this time.

He left today for what he and I hope is his last long trip of the year where he is gone for several days. That's probably why I am craving chocolate.

The other reason is that Alan is obsessing. He is obsessed with getting mail. On our return, he was eagerly anticipating the tub of mail that was held until our return. Well, nobody was home this afternoon. Maybe that's why the letter carrier didn't leave it. She didn't leave a card for pick up at the post office, either, so maybe she simply missed us.

I should be glad that Alan isn't acting out physically. I know I am sensitized to his ranting because of years and years of it. Today, he has gone on bitterly for several hours without many breaks. He is winding down. At least he is philosophical. He just said, "Maybe we'll get the mail tomorrow."

And I've had my chocolate. It's an innocent pleasure when it is just a bit.



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