Sunday, November 26, 2006

Western Sunset

Our home faces west. We happen to live in the area where many of those western movies of the middle of the last century were located. Some were even made in Wildwood Park, which our home overlooks. Many times I have commented to Don that the sunset reminds me of those where the cowboys were riding off into the sunset.

Tonight's sunset was one of those. It had fiery orange, much apricot and some yellow to my eye, and I called Don to come and look at it. "Isn't that a great sunset?" I asked him. He agreed that it was. Now, I didn't remark on how it reminded me of all those westerns we went to see as kids. We have both said that too many times. Just the same, I thought it.

It is remarkable to me that we have ended up here in the very place where those make-believe movies of our childhood were made. I thank the good fortune that we have a home in such a beautiful spot, looking out on the park, and in the distance, the Santa Monica mountain range. In fact, Westlake Boulevard leads onto one of the roads down to Malibu. I have been on that road but hope never to have to use that particular way to the beach again since it is narrow and full of switch-backs. It is terrifying for someone afraid of rolling off the side of the mountain. The view, however, is gorgeous from there. The sunset over Malibu is likely why many stars and movie moguls like to live there. I get to enjoy the sunset from this side of the mountain every day that I think to look out the kitchen window or patio door at the right time in the evening. The soft night will soon fall. In the meantime, the glory of the heavens is mine.



Blogger The Glasers said...

We love sunsets! I have seen the prettiest in the Aleutians of Alaska, the beaches of El Salvador, and in the valley behind Pikes Peak. Those are my favorites.

It would be really cool if you could post a few photos of one of those wild west sunsets! :-)

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