Friday, November 24, 2006

Actually, I mean to talk about how inflexible my body has become. I was never a pretzel. I couldn't even touch my toes when I was a teenager. Now that I am forty more years plus, I should not be surprised to find that I am not able to bend so much.
The thing is, today I discovered that I can't sit on the floor with my legs up the wall. I don't know if I ever could. I would like to be more flexible than I found myself to be.
Today, too, I tried to do yoga from a DVD with Dana. I really couldn't do much with the poses. I need a DVD for beginners. I will have to try harder to loosen up. I do want to be able to get my coat on when I am in my eighties and nineties. The amusing thing was that all week I have had the sleeves of my coat turn inside out when I have been trying to put my coat on and have had to have help. I took the lining out of this coat to have the coat dry cleaned. Now it isn't the same. I suppose that I will have to take a few stitches and tack it back in so that this annoyance doesn't happen again. It is a metaphor for what I can expect to happen to me if I don't limber up some.
So, now I have another to do so far as exercise habits go. I am already doing some weight work at Curves as well as aerobics there and on the treadmill. At Curves, too, we are supposed to stretch after exercising. I am faithful about it. There, too, I discovered that I can't do many of the stretches. I will be working on stretching and reaching farther and in new directions. Maybe next year I will be able to do some yoga and stretch my legs up the wall.



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