Thursday, October 19, 2006

On the Road Again

This time last month, we were touring the White House. This morning, I am getting ready to leave for the San Francisco Bay area. Our daughter Cate and her husband Jim live there. Next month, we are going to our other daughter, Dana's home for Thanksgiving. I am lucky we can get to do these trips.

In our family there are and have been some people who stay home and won't or wouldn't travel after a certain age. I have to say, I can sympathize a bit as I am nervous about getting out on the roads.

I don't want to keep others from enjoying traveling, and if I said I needed to stay home, they would also either have to stay home or choose to do so. Also, once I am at the intended destination, I enjoy myself.

So, I do what I can to quell my worries. I print out maps. I get and read travel information. I think about how much fun we are going to have. And now I have to get off the computer and get the last minute things done.


Blogger Junosmom said...

Enjoy your visit! Given the cloudy, cold day in KY, I'd LOVE to go to SF.

7:54 AM  

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