Friday, October 13, 2006

Choosing Movies

My family would say I am not a movie person. She's a book person, they would say, not a movie person. Well, yes, and no. I do love a good book and like to choose fiction ones that don't have grisly deaths and torture in them. That is just like my choice of movies. However, I can stop reading the book, skip pages or just turn to the back to see how it came out, if it gets hard to take. I do like to have a look into others' lives and minds.

I am in the mood for a good comedy movie. We rarely go out to movies. I thought we might go to the new Robin Williams movie, A Few Good Men. It has been panned. Don also told me that he heard some bits on NPR that aren't suitable for Alan. They may not be suitable for me, either. Too bad. I often like Robin Williams in the movies. This isn't the first one of his we have decided not to see, though.

This month, we decided to join Netflix as a family. Alan had a Netflix membership given by his sister for awhile but he misused it. We asked her to discontinue it. Now, though, the three of us will be putting movies into the queue, and I will find some to put in also. Alan's choices will be seen by one of us and permitted or not permitted in the order. On the weekends that Don or I have chosen a movie that Alan won't be allowed to see or that he doesn't want to see, he can still rent one from the library. The library collection is not very big or varied. Also, new movies have to be back inside of two days and when I borrowed a DVD about making the Hobbit, which I consider educational, the clerk warned me that fines are one dollar a day so I will have to watch to get it back on time. I have had to pay those hefty late movie fees before. Netflix doesn't have late fees.

When I was young, I read such books as Mila 18. Nowadays, I know I would have nightmares recurring night after night. I know about atrocities. I know about loss. I can't take anymore. It is as if my heart has overflowed with tragedies and can't bear imagining any more of them. That's why I was dismayed by the popularlity of Alexander McCall's books. I tried one when I was a member of a book club. Nope. I won't be going there again. I also went to see a film that women in my church were screening in a private home. I still sometimes have nightmares about that one and I had to leave before it was over.

Some people call it escapism to get into a movie that is a thriller. For me, it is not something I can escape from when my brain keeps showing it over and over and over and intertwining people I love.

It isn't that I always want to watch "fluff" and inconsequential stuff. I'd gladly watch a movie on Eleanor Roosevelt or something set in another time or place that did not incorporate senseless violence or cruelty.

If anyone can suggest to me a selection or several from Netflix's offerings, I would love to have them. I need to laugh.


Blogger Junosmom said...

I suppose I'm like that, too. My mom often sends to me books that she's read, murder mysteries and thrillers. I can't read them anymore. I don't like movies that have the element of fear or tragedy either. I don't want to feel that. I like comedies and romances, my way to escape.

We also have Netflix, but I'll have to look back at it for recommendations.

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