Monday, October 09, 2006

I wonder if other people find our home cozy. I know I do, most of it, at any rate. There are some features that make it more comfortable than others. I know that the paper and book mess covering the game table just inside the front door needs to go. I just need to find the motivation to get at it. The thing is, each pile represents an unfinished project or something that needs attention. Still, I know it subtracts from the ambience of our home for visitors and for us.

We are fortunate to have many lovely things and more than enough furniture for this house. The one we moved from had more rooms. We have done our best to make this house our home, and passed on some things or junked them. To me, a cozy home doesn't have to be spotless. On the other hand, our windows need cleaning and the dust on many surfaces needs to go.

I do wish that our home reflected who I think we are more than it does. I like to think of myself as reasonably well-organized. Yet my desk has lots of papers on it and the one upstairs in our bedroom is worse! It does have a lid that closes. It needs work! And besides that, there is a pile of papers in the corner. I desperately need to get at this. I just don't know how I am going to manage sorting out what is there and storing what is left after I recycle much of the paper.

Each day I need to take a fresh look at surfaces and see if I can get a start on clearing off ones that need clearing, wipe the ones that are clear but grimy and try to get the critical voice in my head to quiet down.

We always seem to get things in better order when we know visitors are coming. Is anyone up for a trip to sunny southern California?


Blogger Junosmom said...

Well, while I'd love to come visit you in CA, I'm not much at organizing myself. Books are a part of our life, so they're visible. I am working on controling the paperwork, a little at a time.

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