Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Attempts at Not Being A Frump

So, I just got back from having my hair "done." In this case, I was having it colored. My stylist also trimmed the bangs a wee bit. You see, I hate long bangs on me, no matter how good they look on other people. I asked him early in the summer to trim the bangs way back. Too short. I did look like Imogene Coco. That's who I told my husband I didn't want to look like. Is that how her name was spelled? I don't remember. I wish I could say she was "pre-me" but not quite. After that, I let him stop cutting them so short and now, tonight, I found that I could barely stand them. Martin is a good stylist, blending both what I want and what magic he can do with scissors. I made an appointment for next month, hoping to maintain myself reasonably.

After the hair salon, I thought I would go in search of a new belt. My old one is ragged around the holes and was so cheap it didn't even have grommets. I am keeping it, mainly to encourage myself as I can get it to cinch up another hole with the renewed exercise and diet efforts. I won't wear it outside the house anymore. Now I have been aware that waists were not even covered, much less belted recently. At the same time, several pairs of my pants have belt loops. I sometimes go without any belt, but I think that looks as though I am forgetful. I can't blame the store for having only a small display of belts. Tops and bottoms that don't meet in the middle have been in style for quite awhile. It took me only a few seconds to realize that suddenly, the belts that are for sale are twice as wide as what I consider is a normal belt width. They most certainly would not go through any of my belt loops. I suppose I could wear the belt over the top of the loops. However, I am not willing to call attention to the waist that was there not too many years ago. It seems to have disappeared, making my shape more columnar than it was. I didn't buy a belt. How am I going to find a decent belt? I don't need it to keep my pants up as I long ago was that skinny as to need a belt for that purpose. I just think it looks odd to have empty belt loops.

And what about a purse? When my shoulder started to bother me, one of my daughters suggested I buy a back bag. She pointed out that distributing the weight between my shoulders would prevent that one shoulder from getting sore. I did get one that holds a lot. My other daughter gave me one that holds somewhat less, and I do use it sometimes. I find it hard to pare down what I want to tote. I noticed that many women are going around with no bag in public. All I see is their cell phone attached to them somehow. I will have to study this more closely to see how. I asked one of my friends how it is that she doesn't carry a purse and she told me she leaves the things in the car. When I went to Curves, the trainer said that many women leave their purse in the car. Aren't they afraid that their life will be stolen along with their car? I did get a small thing that holds the cell phone and a couple of cards with a zipper pocket for money. I put my driver's licence and one card in it and left my wallet at home a few times. It felt really strange and then what if I need a mint or a hair brush or tissue? Those things are all in the large bag, along with my glasses case for my sun glasses, the small coupon organizer where I keep this week's coupons, a pen, and sometimes my check book. I'll have to observe other women to see what the tribe does with all their handy stuff.


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