Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Growing Taller Before My Eyes

Due to the large gap between our adult children and our now fourteen-year-old boy, it has been awhile since I have witnessed this. There is a time in the teen years when a person suddenly seems to grow every day, or so it seems. This is Alan's time.

Today I shipped off a large boxful of jackets which we removed from Alan's closet and I washed to send to our grandson. They no longer covered Alan's arms by several inches. The very next place we went was to his favorite store, Old Navy, to buy a light jacket, a heavy jacket and two long-sleeved pullovers. I got size XL in the boys department and knew as I bought them that I would be soon shopping in the men's department, and maybe not size small. He may have to start right in with medium. How do I know this? He is more than five feet, four inches tall already and wearing some T-shirts that used to be mine. I no longer fit them due to girth, not length.

In the past, due to the fact that he says he hates change, we had a hard time getting Alan to let us pass on clothes, particularly ones he was fond of. His grey Old Navy jacket was one of those favorite items. Yet today, there was not a single protest about losing his grey jacket or his almost equally preferred fuzzy blue pull-over. He picked new ones, tried them on with no protest, not even a discussion. As soon as we agreed they fit, he let me add them to our purchases. I have to say, this is the most flexible he has ever been about buying new clothing.

Young men's casual pants this year seem to be overloaded with blue jeans. There seem to be few with elastic waists. He has always loathed jeans and refused to wear them. I wonder if a pair of blue jeans is in his near future? Yesterday, I would have said, "No way." Today, I am not so sure. He actually might decide to buy his first pair of blue jeans. We're always trying to have him fit in with what other boys are wearing since he has so many differences that can be picked out and picked on. Blue jeans, the quintessential American male choice in clothing, could be my next purchase.


Blogger Anne said...

My son will be 14 next week. He's about 5'4" too and very slim; 14 slims are usually too big and 12 slims fit the waist but are usually too short. I need 14 double slim for him.

He is still clinging to his shorts even though it's getting too cold for them. Change is hard for him, too.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

Anna went through about four shoe changes in one summer. Now, both girls need a whole new wardrobe.

6:44 AM  

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