Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A little while ago I got off the treadmill. Just a few weeks ago, I would have popped the top on a caffeine-free Diet Coke. Recently, a new friend was talking about how bad for her, and likely others, the artificial sweetener in it is. I knew about this concern but chose to ignore it. I decided to revisit the Diet Coke issue and to only drink one once in awhile instead of as a fairly often treat.

When my husband was out shopping, I asked him to get me some flavored water. He likes raspberry, so the fridge had a bottle of water labled Pure Life Raspberry Splash: Natural Fruit Flavored Water Beverage. I popped the top and began to sip. Then I noticed that Nestle is the brand. We won't be buying this brand again.

What to drink is always a dilemma for me. I do not care for the taste of plain water. Maybe it is the water here, or maybe not. I often make a large pot of hot tea. That is what my parents and grandparents did. I like to drink tea. However, I don't want tea all the time.

I don't drink much in the way of juice. Occasionally, I will order a tomato juice, and right now I have individual cans of tomato juice on hand as well as a large can to go with a meal. My husband cautioned me not to rely on that too often because of the salt content.

Another concern about water is its purity. I have to say I don't know the source of the local tap water. I do know it is routinely tested and that my husband has filters in the fridge and in the bar area tap. It is not hard to forget that contaminants such as "perc" have been found in the groundwater not all that far from here where there is a former Rocketdyne facility.

Some evenings, I join my husband drinking a glass of wine. I even like the odd Chambord or Bailey's. Every morning starts with coffee. Many meals are accompanied with a glass of nonfat milk.

In the days to come I will be investigating other choices of beverages. I am reminded that at our previous house, where we had eight lemon trees planted by the previous occupant, that I often drank filtered water with a splash of lemon juice. Here, we have just one kumquat tree. Perhaps I will have to slice one and drip kumquat juice into my water. I wonder how that would taste? I'm feeling adventuresome.


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