Monday, October 16, 2006

Losing My Mind
I'm not exactly losing it, but I feel close to it. More than discombobulated. More than mildly frustrated. My "main" e-mail address has been provided through our former cable company, Adelphia. When Time Warner took it over, we were told we would have time to change over to their e-mail address and be able to tell everyone that we were getting a new e-mail address.

Suddenly, my last e-mail to my adelphia address happened at 8:35 last night. This morning, when I went to my computer, I could not download my e-mail, nor could I e-mail out via adelphia. I wasted plenty of time today trying again and again to get my e-mail to download. I turned my computer on and off several times. I have lots and lots of things in my inbox and all kinds of files.

So, Don tried hard tonight to switch me over to my new e-mail in order to see if it would let me at least send e-mail. While he was doing that, he brought up an address book. Great! We both thought that would help. Horrors! The e-mail addresses are five and more years out of date. Other people I care lots about have new addresses in that time. If I lose everything I had it will take a long time to rebuild my address book. I care a lot about many lists I am on and people to whom I have given my e-mail address.

I also have a lot of files stored that are e-mails that I want to keep under various headings. I don't want to lose those.

Dh is really computer literate. He tried for a full two hours to make it work. It still doesn't connect. I am just sitting here, glad I have my yahoo address, and that blogspot had that address also for me to be able to write from.

If you are reading this and want to send me an e-mail, please send it to I'll be checking that more frequently than daily now. Perhaps it will become my main e-mail address or perhaps I will go over to gmail. In the meantime, please write to me so I don't feel cut off from the world. I'll be grateful.


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