Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It seems to me that I need a bunch of new skills. I do need to sort out a bunch of papers, books and objects I have collected over the years. No question. However, there are photo albums, and lots and lots of negatives and prints that have no organization. There are papers of all kinds. Some have words on them I need to re-read and find a way to store. Many, many can be thrown away. Yet in those piles, there is handwriting I want to keep, words from friends and relatives I want to keep, and my own writing of bits and pieces over many years.
Within all the books I own, there are many I won't look at again. I do need to pass some on. There are even some that need to go in the trash. That's where Don sent Alan with The Body in Question. Public libraries call this "weeding." The weeds, though, need to be separated from the books I still value. Just because a book was written before yesterday doesn't mean that it is out of date.
It occurs to me that taking close up photos of some things could be helpful. I don't know how to do that kind of camera work. There are photos I would like to copy.
Additionally, there are items that I want to keep, even though they may have no use to me. They belonged to my parents or to us and they have sentimental meaning. Don is really good at figuring out items that can be restored. Recently, he sent a jar that has the word "biscuits" in the side of it out to be repaired so we can use it at Christmastime to serve cookies. Mom kept bought cookies in it mostly and they never lasted long. We don't eat cookies all that much but we do in the holiday period and we like to make and decorate them.
It is important to me not to lose a lot of what is unsorted and piled or kept in boxes. Now, though, there are overflowing tables and boxes that must be dealt with so that we can clean. I can no longer stay up late at night to work on such items. In fact, even if I get half an hour during the daytime, I find it hard to discipline myself to get a start on even a small area. Last weekend, we did make a start together. I need to use the skill I learned from FlyLady that I can do anything, that is stand to do anything, for 15 minutes.
I need motivation, mostly. And I do need to figure out how to organize and store a lot of what I want to keep.


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