Saturday, October 07, 2006

Catalog Browsing
I'm not much of a shopper. At least, I don't shop until I drop. Once in a long while, I enjoy going out and looking at things, but I don't shop recreationally much.
Today, I am tired. I have spent the afternoon browsing catalogs. Now and again, I find something I can give as a gift that keeps me out of the Christmas shopping crowd. I also have the perennial problem of trying to find something my husband would like for his birthday. Browsing in catalogs seemed like I wasn't wasting the entire afternoon.
One of the things I like to do is turn down the page of a catalog of an item that interests me. I learned that one of my e-friends does this too. Her husband was relieved to find out she didn't want everything that she so marked. It's just a fun thing to do, to imagine getting the item.
I turned down the corner of the page that has restaurant style iced tea spoons. Now I have a few unmatched long handled spoons, and I don't use them all that often. I don't drink iced tea. I would use them if I made a smoothie or milk shake, but how often do I do that?
Some things, I must admit, do turn up at the house, ordered from a catalog. One recent doo dad was a toilet ring remover. It is supposed to erase a toilet bowl ring like magic, just like an eraser. I tried it. I didn't press really hard when I drew the pumice stick around the ring. I was worried it would scratch the bowl, and I have no desire to help replace a toilet again, so I laid off rubbing the ring. I have read that pouring a can of cola into the bowl and letting it sit overnight would also remove the ring, but so far I haven't felt like wasting a can in case it didn't work.
Magazine holders would bring order to all the magazines I keep around. I pass along plenty, but several always remain by my bed and stashed in other places. A set of six magazine holders is $9.99. It does seem a bit of an expense for something made of colored cardboard, so the magazine mess remains. Maybe someday.
My charitable husband has said that the good thing about a catalog is that a person can often find something that isn't sold in stores. Yes, but so far I really haven't missed having a pair of mesh shower shoes. I would rather try to lose weight than buy waist and collar extenders. And, lots of times I don't believe the claims. My eyes look tired, but I doubt that sudden change under eye lift serum is going to make the bags less visible. I'm quite sure he wouldn't think a satiny sleep cap would be a great addition to my night time attire, even if it would keep my from having to wash and style my hair in the morning.
And so, mostly I pass on ordering. Yet the next time one of our dogs pees on the family room carpet, I may order Urine Gone! which claims to eliminate odors with extreme enzyme action and comes with a black light to detect the undetectable.


Blogger Junosmom said...

I don't like to shop, either, and I do like catalogs. Haven't tried the turn the page down thing though. I more have to rip the page out, circle it and tape it to the refrig.

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