Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getting the Balance Right
Awhile ago, when my weight was a few pounds higher than it is now, I lost twenty-five pounds by going to Weight Watchers. The plan is effective. However, like most people who take off weight with a diet, I gained about two thirds of the weight back. I never did learn how to take off those two or three pounds over goal and get back to goal weight.

In the spring of this year, Don bought a treadmill because I found it hard to get out to walk and wasn't getting exercise. He felt Alan would benefit from using the treadmill, too, and Don also has used it, although not as regularly as I would like. Alan and I have used the treadmill several times a week. Alan is up to two miles, after being stuck for a long time at one mile. He is also going to a gymnastics class one day a week. The coach believes that special needs kids can do as well as typically developing ones: it just may take them longer to get the routine.

I was hoping that I would bring my weight down by walking regularly. It didn't happen. I hope not to have to go back to Weight Watchers, so I am watching what I eat, walking 45 minutes five or six days a week and I joined Curves. Now I don't think the only thing I will get from Curves is weight loss. I hope that I will also get stronger and more flexible. I have noticed that my upper arms keep waving and I don't like the trend of fat that moves like a pendulum instead of muscle that looks and feels better. In addition, I am hoping the appearance of my legs will improve and some of those fat dimples could get lost. I didn't invite them. Just like the pot in my waist area. I want to uninvite that, too.

The reason that I am perplexed about the weight not coming off is that I still eat mostly vegetables and whole grains. I really don't eat much meat, and I am eating even less meat than before. I do eat fish and plenty of salads. I do eat nuts, and it isn't like I eat a whole bag of them at once. I add cranberries and dried cherries and sunflower seeds to salads. I don't put in a lot. I take fish oil capsules, the Nordic Naturals brand, that are contaminant free. I don't buy products with high fructose corn syrup. Candy and cookies are really rare in my diet. I'd love to eat chocolate, but don't indulge as I don't want more pounds. The same goes for pie. Now I love a good pie. When Don mentioned this month's Marie Callender's pie sale, though, I asked him to pass because every time I eat pie, the weight goes up one or two pounds, and that is just with having a slice a day until it is gone.

One thing that pleased me today is that I read that older people prevent frailty by exercising. If they become frail and can't exercise as much, doctors are being asked to look for heart problems that have not yet become a heart attack. It stands to reason that if there are blockages and a person hasn't got energy or gets pains from walking, treating them will prevent muscle wasting and brain damage from lack of oxygen. I am taking my medication regularly for higher cholesterol than is optimal, as well as taking the fish oil and eating nuts. I also read recently that people tend to begin taking the medication as prescribed and then stop taking it, so the problem returns or gets worse. Knowing that, I have been diligent about taking the once a day pill.
I want to keep up with the pursuits that I have and keep learning and loving for many more years. As I learn more about keeping fit, I also hope to drop those pesky unattractive pounds.


Blogger Junosmom said...

I heard once that a person needs to vary the exercise being done periodically, because the body gets used to that particular exercise and doesn't lose anymore. I'm with you though, I just want to be strong as I age, and flexible.

5:12 AM  
Blogger ThatWoman said...

One thing I've read a lot is that people who don't eat enough food can't take weight off.

That, or I'd suggest heavy weights. Building muscle takes serious weight, and 'toning' is not real.

Hi! from Victoria!

10:37 PM  

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