Monday, October 02, 2006

My Week at Curves
One of my dear friends suggested more than a year ago that I should join Curves. I haven't been able to leave Alan before now, so didn't do it. We installed a camera in Alan's room we call the Alan cam. We told him we could start giving him some independence. Don can watch Alan via computer so long as Alan stays put at his own computer. Also, every Monday for eight weeks, Alan is going to the special needs session at the Teen Center from two o'clock until he asks to be picked up, usually at 4:30, although he could stay until 5 p. m. He says he wants to come home and watch Zoom, but on tape. Whatever. I am so glad to have the two and a half hours while he enjoys something else. He plays pool and basketball.
Since Curves doesn't open until 3:30, I go to the library, do errands, or just sit in the van and read after I drop him off a bit after 2 p. m.
I am not really fond of exercise with others, to put it mildly. However, I really didn't want to have to return to Weight Watchers and I also want to lose some fat and get stronger. I signed up for the year so that I would make myself go. So far so good.
At Curves, which is only for women, the machines are designed to work pneumatically and most work on both directions at one time. Today, I found that one can actually complete the two circuits in 30 minutes. However, if one were to stretch both before and afterward, I don't think one could manage two circuits. So, today, now that I am sort of familiar with how to manage, I started on a pad warming up but running slowly. I started with the machine that my trainer said she did wrong for five years. I love her for that. Actually, she is everyone's trainer, but for the first session, she did go around with me to each machine and the second time she mostly followed me. Today, she helped me some as did the other trainer, but mostly I had to share them as there were more women there. I want to master this machine because it is easy to do it wrong and get no benefit. My target heart rate in the ten seconds given for measuring is 19 beats. I was able to get up to 20 beats with fewer interruptions for teaching form. That's one benefit of less attention. I did two circuits. I was tired after them and felt I got a work out. I did do the recommended stretching at the end. I know my face was not as red as one of my fellow exercisers. She has more to lose. I could not help a bit of comparison. Really, though, I am going for my own health. I do dislike feeling like a klutz. Lara assured me I would feel more comfortable by the end of a month. I will go there on Wednesday and Friday, too. I will be glad of the opportunity to walk in, get a workout, and not have any pain. At my age now, I am grateful for that. Of course, I would like to have my clothes fit better, too.


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