Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Heavens, Why Haven't I Packed My Suitcase Yet?

I don't know what it is this time. I want to go. We have our tickets and Don just now printed our boarding passes. I do have some things laid out on my bed, mostly clean underwear. I do have some things in and on top of my rolling carry-on bag. So what is the hold up?

I have a list partly made. I know I will forget some things without a list. We have passports, for example, so we do use them as identification in the airport. The thing is, Don needs to get them out of the safe. So I do need a list to remind him and me of what we need to do.

It seems to me that as time goes by, I procrastinate more. It isn't something I can put my finger on exactly. Most things I have to get done, I get done. I don't know why I leave packing to the end. If the truth be told, I have enough clothes that I could have packed everything I want to wear as soon as the washing was done on the weekend. I could have worn other clothes. Mostly I did, but the clothes didn't find their way by themselves into the suitcase. Actually, I will need different clothes. Warmer than I have been wearing for a few days now. It is hot! I have the air conditioner on this evening to cool the upstairs down.

I think it is because I am feeling frazzled. I am not really tired. I got exercise today. I'm just feeling mildly out-of-sorts and frazzled.

I had better go upstairs, put some soothing music on, and practice being Zen. Counting out enough clothes for each day and something to dress up in for Thanksgiving Day should be easy. I will also do one of those activities I learned during a particularly stressful time of my life. It goes like this: tense up all the muscles you can. Then, imagine untying the knots you are tied in, one by one. This figuratively releasing knots works well for me, especially in my neck in the region of the old brain. I'm off to exercise my old brain.


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