Saturday, November 18, 2006

Now That's Relaxing!
Someone writes, "I discovered I like jogging outside in the evening--it made me look forward to my runs as quiet time to relax." Um, not me. I don't wanna!
So what did I do tonight? I watched some t. v. I enjoy watching MythBusters with my husband. Although many times I get to laugh when I watch, and laughing is relaxing, most times the crew is blowing something up or doing some daredevil hare-brained thing to test a myth. Tonight, I had to leave the room while they tested a myth about firing a gun on an airplane and making a hole in the side of it. If I had stayed, I know I would be terrifying myself in my dreams, recreating all this including me and/or a member of my family, in this situation. My husband did tell me that according to the test, firing a pistol on an airplane, which did cause a hole, did not also cause a crash. He flies a lot on business. We are flying on our trip this coming week. Nope, I didn't need to watch that and it would not have been relaxing.
Usually, I read to relax. I read before sleep. I read in between tasks when I do house work. I read when in the bathroom. Both sides of the family are bibliophiles. I also read e-mails and am on several special interest lists. I get plenty of support and relaxation from those.
I also read today that to calm down the flight-fight reflex, getting more oxygen into the system helps a great deal. The writer suggests running up and down a couple of flights of stairs. I think belly breathing, and preferably, belly laughing, also would have the same effect. So, if you have a YouTube video, a funny story to relate or something hilarious that happened to you, do send it my way. Relaxing through laughter is an ongoing goal for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've not read either author yet, but I heard that books by Nora Ephron are hilarious and that Art Buchwald has a new book out. I'm going to try to find both.

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