Friday, November 17, 2006

In the Season of Shortbread Cookies and Pecan Pie
It's back. The season with megacalories in every bite. Portion control. That's the ticket. How does one do portion control when there are so many choices? Two or three shortbread cookies. Small bites. Then a piece of pecan pie. Just one piece. Fat and sugar season, I think.
My sister showed me how to quarter an acorn squash and bake it. Served it with butter. Yum. I wonder if I could eat it without that succulent serving of butter? What else could I top it with? The acorn squash itself can't have many calories.
Elizabeth Taylor was once quoted as saying that the elastic waist pants have ruined American figures. So true. Today, I put on a pair of pants with a belt when I went out. I'm straining against it. That's a clue to cut down and exercise more.
Tomorrow I will return to Curves after missing two sessions. I am glad I had my family visit. Next week, I will have another long visit. It does make it hard to get in exercise.
I read tonight that even walks that aren't power walks help prevent cardiovascular problems. I hope to take some strolls while away. While waiting in airports one can usually stroll some also.
My labrador also needs to lose weight so on Sunday I plan to take her on a walk around our neighborhood. Tomorrow, after Curves, I'll be stuck at home because we have house painters coming to paint the back of the house. Maybe I can also get in a session on the treadmill. I am feeling better today after having had a full night's sleep, so if I also get a full night's sleep tonight, I will feel more like walking.
And eating foods that are mostly fiber and water....


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