Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Giving Great Gifts
My thoughts are turning to figuring out gifts for people I care about. This is not only for the upcoming Christmas season, but also for several birthdays of significant people.
A gift that is hand made but made with thought for the person to receive it is a terrific gift. If someone you know likes nuts, for example, you could fill a jar with nuts and tie a note to it that says "I'm nuts about you."
A photo of a person doing something that you will enjoy seeing them do is also a winning idea. In many cases, photos of people of any kind are appreciated.
For sure, I don't want gifts that caused people to stroll grimly through the stores spending money on something they see there just to get me a gift. I think many people are like that.
It does help if the people you are giving gifts to give you some ideas of things they would like to get.
Given how hard people work these days, I am inclined to give gifts that offer them some comfort or diversion.
I'm not hard to please. There are many things I like, so long as they aren't very expensive. Expensive gifts make me feel that the person should not have spent so much on me, especially since I don't really spend a lot on gifts for others.
What I do like, is the fun of having something to open that delights me, intrigues me or teaches me.
Thinking about the intended recipient and trying hard to figure out something to make or buy that they would like in this way, is part of the anticipation.
If you are on my list, please do give me some kind of a wish list. I need all the sleep I can get and don't need the worry of trying to please and feeling as though I am falling short.
My next task is to find some things for Alan to put together that those who he loves would like to get. Ideas are welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of things does Alan like to do? What kind of materials does he like to work with?

5:15 AM  

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