Monday, October 23, 2006

Our Trip to the Bay Area
In California, the area around San Francisco is referred to as the Bay Area. Never, ever say "Frisco" to someone who lives in that area! Our daughter, Cate, with her husband, Jim, lives in San Mateo. That part is called "the peninsula."
On Thursday around 3 p. m., we began our road trip to the north. Unfortunately, there was a long slow down and stop and go traffic from Camarillo through to Ventura. It took about twice as long as usual to make that drive. From our home, we can get to Santa Barbara in an hour in good traffic. The drive went well until Salinas. Salinas is where much of your salad comes from in the rest of America. It is also where the tainted spinach was grown. At any rate, on the divided highway, which is normally a 65 mph road, there is a section we did not notice in the dark marked 55 mph. These signs ought to be marked in another color, because there are plenty of 55 mph signs for trucks and the ones for cars did not stand out. Suddenly, I realized there was a flashing red light behind us. Don pulled over and the officer came over and told him he had passed three of those 55 mph signs and was clocked at 72 mph. He asked for Don's licence and insurance. He went to his car. When he returned, he asked Don where he was going and Don answered that he was honestly just trying to get to see his daughter. The officer told him to slow down and left. Don discovered that he had not given him a ticket! How he picked our car out of all the others, many that were going much faster, I do not know, but I am glad Don didn't get a ticket. So, if you are passing through Salinas, particularly in the dark, do watch out for the twenty or thirty miles of 55 mph roadway! We went through it again on Friday, coming back from Monterey, and Sunday on our way home, and you can imagine we were in the right lane going the speed limit while everyone else passed us by.
Once we got to the Fairfield Inn in San Carlos, it was after 9:30 p. m. so we decided we would just check in and see Cate in the morning. Thank goodness we had a safe trip up. (to be continued tomorrow)


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