Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My husband works closely with the FDA in the course of his work. He is involved in blood product safety. He says that the FDA does good work and protects us all. I think that in many ways they do their mission well. Yet, like any administrative body, mistakes, some lethal, are no doubt made.

Today I learned that the FDA rejected a petition from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs on September 26, only revealed today, that would remove thimerosal from all vaccines.

The FDA has been adamant that there is no connection between vaccines and autism.

However, there is no argument when it comes to mercury being a poison and that is why it is used as a perservative agent where thimerosal is half mercury.

Why, then, are we allowing this poison to be injected? Especially in young children? Many vaccines have had thimerosal removed. Why can't the FDA remove it from all vaccines, then?

Our son is partly vaccinated. I won't allow any more vaccinations that contain thimerosal. It is possible that his immune system can't handle mercury and I am unwilling to take further chances. When he is an adult and able to review all the facts up until that moment, he can decide if he wants to take any vaccination that contains thimerosal, or not.

I believe that vaccinations do save lives. In fact, tomorrow, I am scheduled for an influenza vaccination. It will contain thimerosal as it is in adult vaccines for flu. I am willing to take that risk. I wish I didn't have to but I have no choice now as thimerosal is in all adult flu vaccines to my knowledge.

I would not have taken the risk of having him vaccinated with a compound made with thimerosal had I known when he was a baby and taking many vaccinations, that there might be a connection between thimerosal and autism. Every medical person I spoke to, and my husband, said that he needed the vaccinations.

He did not develop symptoms of autism until he was in his second year of life when he was having many vaccinations.

Could it be that the doses of MMR vaccine which protects against three diseases, measles, mumps and rubella, caused his autism when combined with a genetic predisposition? Or could it be that many vaccinations in a short time with an unformed immune system, and those vaccinations, along with the genetic predisposition caused his autism to manifest itself? The FDA rejects this theory but several respectable scientists raise these questions.

The entire theory of herd immunity is based on nearly everyone getting the shots so that few will become ill and carry that illness to others. And, the dirty underlying fact is that some will be injured by the vaccines. Yes, some children do get the very disease that they were supposed to be protected against. Some do have neurological damage. That is the cost of herd immunity. A cost that is acceptable to those who believe in it. It is outrageous to those who have a child so damaged, proven or unproven.

In this case, the FDA is in error in my opinion. Parents are not given straight information. Those densely written permission slips we sign after scanning them are not the answer. We did not get a fighting chance to give informed consent. I gave uninformed consent.

I hope that the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs does prevail, through the court system if need be. I am going now to the Web to get information on this organization.


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