Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Holidays and Alan's Birthday
We have had a very busy holiday period. Alan weathered it all very well. He went with us to San Mateo, where our family gathered for our Christmas celebration. Cate is in her last month of pregnancy so we went to them. Her husband, Jim, was working hard to bank some time at the end of January, so he made a couple of cameo appearances. Don's brother, Steven, and his significant other, Catherine, joined us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Dana and Kal arrived the Saturday evening before Christmas, like we did. We stayed in a suite at the Marriott Residence Inn. The living room area was small. We managed to squeeze in at two tables we borrowed from Cate. It was hectic, but fun. Even my friend Rosy, who had just returned from several years in France, joined us for dinner. Don, Alan and I returned home on the 27th. We had a couple of days before Dana and Kal drove down on Sunday. They stayed until Saturday morning. We had fun together. On New Year's Eve, Don's other brother Doug, his partner, Pam and Doug's daughter Heather, with her husband, Leaf, came for dinner. On New Year's Day, when Doug was 58, we went over to Heather and Leaf's and then Doug and Pam joined us for a walk at the Sepulveda Dam recreation area. Alan enjoyed all the company and had conversations with everyone.

Today, Alan turned sixteen. He had asked for many things for Christmas and his birthday. They were all small things. There were lots of family members glad for his list, complete with the Web sites where the items could be ordered. What other sixteen year old would be glad to have his list rounded out by his parents with a One Touch Jar Opener, as seen on T. V. and a mold making set from MOMA? He got a DDR for his Wii on Friday night, which was not on his list, and which he has shown no interest in. I gave him a set of portable speakers for his iPod. He gave them back to me. He asked me, "Why would I want the music to play in my room?" "I like to hear it play in my ears." Don gave me my own iPod for Christmas, so I will gladly use these speakers in my study. So much for giving him something I think he would like that is not on his list. I do hope to interest him in dancing with the DDR and Wii. He has been enjoying the car racing and the bowling on his Wii, which he got last year. I played several bowling games with Kal. He beat me every time, but I found that I enjoyed playing on the Wii. Now I can challenge Alan to a game and he can have his one friend, Wade, over to play.



Blogger The Glasers said...

Happy Birthday, Alan!!!!! I need to find one of those One-Touch Can Openers. Pamela is learning the King trick of opening jars: stick a spoon between the lip of the jar and the lid to pop the seal! I hope you had a wonderful day.

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