Friday, October 05, 2007

Insufferable Verbal Stims

Alan has been in a period of making fart sounds with any part of his body. He can make them under his knees, with his hands over his mouth and under his arm. That is bad enough.

This morning, I lost my temper with him. I shouted at him. I try hard not to shout at him but this did get my goat. He came in here to my study and repeated to me verbally, "I can burp the ABCs. I can fart Row, Row, Row Your Boat." I lost it. He has been saying these same words for days.

Later still, while he was at his table work, he began an old verbal stim and I was not even in hearing distance as far as he knew. He went on with his "No sign, no sale, heh, heh, heh," which he always says in an identical voice. He did it several times.

My friend Tammy agreed with me that it is hard not to lose one's temper when this sort of verbal barrage keeps on and on. I am glad she thinks I am human. I even shared with her that I don't want to become an alcoholic which is why I don't self-medicate with drink when I can't bear these particular stims any more.

She also suggested finding something we both find humorous. The trouble is, I can't think of a single funny thing now.

I usually resort to going online or to the library (luckily we have a library visit this afternoon) to find something to laugh about when I feel grim.

I also hope to get to go back to Curves this afternoon. I haven't been able to go since Monday. There is a bag there I was tempted to buy but didn't as I have many bags already. It also advertises Curves, and I don't like to carry things with labels around. However, I agree with the sentiment: "Laughter burns calories."

So, I'll be looking for things that make me laugh and trying to get in some solid exercise on the machines as well. And, if you have a laugh to share, please send it to me.



Blogger The Glasers said...

Here are my favorite classics that make me laugh: The Thurber Carnival, Anne of Green Gables, Five Children and It, and The Peterkin Papers. (The latter three you can read online.)

5:39 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

Oh, Mary, I feel for you. My brother doesn't have verbal stims, but has to have the same music playing all day over and over. I am sure it is exhausting because I've experienced it on a short basis but don't live with it. Please don't be hard on yourself. It is an understandable reaction.

Is it possible for you to get an mp3 player or headphones with CD/cassette so that you can drownout the sounds with music or book on tape? I dream about Bose noise reduction headphones because of Lauren's piano playing (her practicing often repeats same passage over and over until I must leave). Books on tape help me sometimes, but hard to keep them around, as others borrow it, and steal the batteries.

5:22 AM  

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