Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Setting the Scene
One of the old objectives for me was to learn how to use the video camera. The new one is tinier than the new still camera. I will have to put it onto the tripod and get it ready to film. I have done this, but only with Don there to help me if I couldn't figure out what to do next.

One of the new objectives is to have a meaningful exchange with Alan using only gestures. He is familiar with this a bit, but we haven't done anything from start to finish recently.

I bought a diffuser. I am thinking that we can set it up together, with me miming the steps to him to carry out.

Don is away so this is the perfect time to try this. Tomorrow, after I have been to the dentist in the morning and we have finished our afternoon activities, or perhaps tomorrow evening, I plan to try to get this done.



Blogger The Glasers said...

What is a diffuser? I haven't bought a tripod yet, which is why my camera angles are awkward . . .

I think Pamela caught onto communicating non-verbally because being verbal is such a struggle due to her aphasia. Being non-verbal is almost a relief to her. I think she has always been quietly alert and watchful and has now taken the next step of actively using it.

8:37 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

Is the non-verbal communication easier for him to follow?

6:17 AM  

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