Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alan Is Using His iPod
Someone asked me if Alan had learned to use his iPod he got at the end of July. Yes, indeed. In fact, he is using it a little too much. He likes to use it at the kitchen table when we are having lunch. I have told him that I believe this is rude. He is there now and I have left because I told him I didn't want him to use it while we were together at the table.
On the other hand, whenever he has his iPod on when we are going someplace we have not been before, he asks me, always with these words, "Do they even allow iPods here?" He asked me this, appropriately, I think, when we were going into a restaurant and also when we were going into the library.
What does he have on it? All the music he has on it is from his father's computer. It is all sixties and seventies music. Dad happened to preserve the recording from our wedding on his computer, so at the end of the music, there is our wedding. Funny. Dad keeps saying he must add some more music. I wish he would teach Alan to add music.
At first, Alan shouted when his dad was fixing his iPod. It did not work correctly at first. Dad had to take it in to the local Apple store. Why was Alan upset? Dad changed the order of the music. We talked with Alan about how unreasonable it was to keep the same order. Now Alan says he changes the order himself, but only one time each week, on Fridays.
We are about to take another short trip. I am really glad Alan has his iPod to amuse himself while we are waiting in airports, or in restaurants, or for sister Cate to arrive.


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