Thursday, August 09, 2007


Before we went away for the annual RDI Conference in San Diego, Alan and I made brownies together as one of the lifestyle activities we were filming for our consultant.

For Alan, it was just making brownies he could eat. He did eat some before we left. When we got home, he began to eat them again.

Yesterday morning, Alan asked me, "Mom, would you like to have the last brownie?" I was blown away. Of course, I spotlighted his generous offer. I thanked him, and I told him he could have the last one. As it turned out, there were two left. He did eat them both. I spotlighted his generosity again when his dad came home, telling him that Alan had offered me his last brownie.

The astonishing thing was that previously he would either have eaten both himself, considering them his, or let one or both of them get hard. I can't remember him ever offering me something he was eating, and most especially, the last one.



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That's great, Mary!

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