Friday, June 08, 2007

I Want My Arms Back!
You know, somehow my arms have disappeared. At least the ones I am most familiar with as being MY arms. Mine do not have any hanging flesh. They are lean. Mine do not have wrinkly skin at the elbows. The do not have a weird bulge on one arm that my daughter calls a lipoma. So it is fat filled. Why does it have to be there? Maybe I could get one of those liposuction operations to distribute that fat where it could do some good. Too bad I am scared of non-essential operations causing a different screw-up that I can't yet imagine. And, my hands aren't the ones at the end of these arms I can see...My hands do not have snaky blue enlarged veins so fat that they look like overfed worms. Is there nothing I can do to restore MY arms?

The fashions I see now have a lot of cap sleeves. Those are horrendous on me. They show too much upper arm flesh and those beginning bat wings are more obvious. Nope. Not those. I used to love to wear a sleeveless top in the summer time. I can't imagine wearing one just now. And a halter? Forget it.

I have faithfully been exercising three times a week on the machines at Curves. The resistance machines are supposed to be like lifting weights. Umm. Shouldn't there be some slimming results by now? Not only is the old omentum below not shrinking by anything noticeable, the arms are not showing any muscles. My fifteen year old son's arms are showing muscles from his workouts twice weekly at the gym. How come the youth get all the muscles, eh? I'd just like a little improvement.



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