Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Haven with a Name

On the road home from Alan's gymnastics class we pass a long, steep driveway. At the bottom is a sign: "Hawk's Nest." While I have never wanted a long, steep driveway, having a home which was a haven with a name always appealed to me.

Until last year, for many years, we owned a beach front lot on a small island in the harbor of a large island. Vancouver Island. "Our" island is called Protection Island or Douglas Island on the map. We gave up our dream of building a home there as being impractical for us and too expensive to maintain as well as being remote from our daughters' homes. So we sold last summer. We won't be retiring there. I had always thought I would find a suitable name for that eco-dream house.

So, a haven with a name may or may not be in our future. Possibly it will be an ordinary house. It will not need a name, I suppose. It will be our haven where we can love each other, live together and shelter our needs and activities. Possibly we will look for a home with a granny flat or attached suite so our son, becoming an adult, can have a separate place which is still under our care. He is likely going to take several years to mature to the point where he can live alone safely, if ever. We have hope still that he will get there and manage to achieve some of his dreams. We hope to live long and vigorously and to be able to assist him in learning to master higher education of some kind and to earn a living. In the meantime, we have to refashion some of our own dreams.


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