Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bees in the Lavender
Just like my involuntary muscles, it seems to me, the bees come to my lavender to feast. Symbiotically, they pick up pollen, and, I hope, carry it to some other lavender plant in our neighborhood. I know of at least one nearby home where there are several lavender plants. Maybe they are the same kind. Our lavender plant was put in by the previous owner. I am thankful for it. Normally, it is around four feet high and when trimmed, I can see over it. Right now, though, it is in profuse bloom. The dense spikes are themselves about two feet high and I don't see through them. That's ok. The bees can have my view. Besides the pleasure of having so much lavender, I also enjoy watching the hummingbirds come to also feed on it. Now that tall, non-native spiky grass which was planted at the same time on the other side of my view, is about to get a haircut. My husband plans to trim it off at around four feet high this weekend. He does not like the overgrown look in front of our home.



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