Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Personal Touch

One of my e-friends was talking about losing her Personal Touch razor and regretting it. I have one but can't find new blades for it in the stores. Instead, I bought some handles and heads that are re-usable disposables, if that makes any sense. I got the package at Whole Foods. But those are to shave the parts that women usually shave. I don't want to shave parts women don't usually shave.

Previously, I wrote about bristles appearing on my face. I haven't had one in awhile, but I go on pluck patrol often. So, then, how did I miss a couple of soft hairs on my neck under my chin? I was stroking my neck because I have had a couple of blemishes there recently. What's up with that? Why there and why am I still getting acne along with the wrinkles and soon-to-be scrawny neck? These soft hairs were about three-quarters of an inch and half an inch long. How did they get so long without my noticing them? I have to say, I have seen men stroke their beard the way that I found these two hairs. Help! I'm not a male and not likely to stroke repeatedly and definitely do not want a beard. Quickly, I plucked them out. They have been there weeks at least to grow so long. I am a brunette. The hairs were dark. Why hadn't a member of my family pointed them out to me? (Daughters and husband, if you are reading, please do mention anything out of the ordinary if you see it!)

I may as well mention some other concerns I have. These are not major things, just concerns. I have inherited my Dad's hooded upper eyelids. As he grew older, they almost sagged to obscure his vision. I don't want that. My eyes are going to disappear! Here's another one. I got myself some new bras. I was unhappy with the ones I had because with today's more defined t-shirts, my nipples tend to show through. I've even seen mannequins with nipples protruding where they never did on any mannequin of my acquaintance before. I don't like the look for me. So, I went bra shopping. I also need to avoid ugly bulges around the edges. You may know where. The ones I got, though labeled lightly padded, can stand up by themselves. Almost armor. Also, this morning, as has happened a few times recently, I awoke terrified. Someone commented that they were up exceptionally early a few times and wondered where all those old people were going so early in the morning. To be sure, some of them are early risers just out for a morning walk or to get the paper or coffee. Others, I now conjecture, were terrified awake, dressed rapidly and they are walking swiftly into the light to turn away the demons that appeared so vividly moments before.

Now, I want to know, are these all signs of normal aging? Or am I already bonkers? I don't know if I want you to tell me. Maybe not.


Blogger Favorite Apron said...

Mary - yes, I dearly miss my PT razor - ordered another off amazon - thanks for the tip! The new razors - the head always falls off - I hate that!

PT Blades are fairly plentiful around here - want me to send you some?

7:44 PM  
Blogger The Glasers said...

My dh prefers only one kind of Gillette disposable razor, Gillette phased it out a few years back. When we lived in Alaska, one (of two) stores on the island had the exact model needed on sale at a dollar per bag. We bought the entire lot! He is still working through those razors, but will be in a pickle once he runs out!

On women's fashion, I despise the shirts that ride up and the pants that ride down. I end up wearing extra long tank tops under whatever I'm wearing to prevent unwanted exposure.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

Oh, yes, we all find out interesting changes as we age. It's almost as interesting as adolescence, isn't it?

8:45 AM  

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