Friday, March 23, 2007

I am grateful that this weekend is not another where I have to rest to recuperate. Although I am not 100% back to normal yet, I am also not coughing much and don't have to have cough medicine and/or a cough drop all the time. I am just a little tired and am not yet exercising. I may try that tomorrow.
Don is on an airplane after a grueling trip and on his way back home. He should arrive late tonight. I will, as usual, be really glad to get him back. So will Alan.
This week, Alan has been stimming verbally to beat the band. It has really got on my nerves, and, sad to say, I have yelled at him for it and also fined him for the most egregious ones. I hope it is just because of the added stress we have all been feeling and with better health and better news, this may taper off again.
This weekend, we have such a full slate of things to do that we will have to work in filming more activities for our RDI consultant. Two I want to add to the CD Don has already been making are silently inviting Alan to light candles with me and using the ball poppers to pass ping pong sized balls back and forth.
Don and I will also continue surprising Alan with unexpected happenings. Dad is the master at this one. Also, I continue to monitor my use of imperative language. I am learning to wait and see if Alan catches on to experience sharing statements and gestures.
Today, we swung the heavily loaded library bag between us into the library for unloading. We came out with few books, though, so Alan slung the bag over his shoulder.
We did shop at Whole Foods almost silently and Alan and I loaded the groceries into the van together. He brought them inside and we put away the groceries together.
At gymnastics, one of the activities was for the two boys to take turns climbing over the balance beams (they are like hurdles). As one finished, he would high five the other and that boy would take his turn. Alan and Wade seemed to be enjoying this activity together a lot. The two of them were alone with the coach in the gym. It is quite different from Tuesday evening when the gym is full of gymnasts of all ages. I am glad for both experiences for Alan.
This weekend, Don will take Alan to Super Science Sunday on Sunday afternoon at the same building where we will have church and Sunday School in the morning. On Saturday afternoon, Don will drive us both to Alan's Actors for Autism Class. Don and I plan on going to Borders Bookstore while Alan is at class. Don plans to purchase some books such as the Choose Your Own Adventure series to read to Alan because Alan is not listening to the content of The Hardy Boys and Don is tired of reading them. Usually, Don reads to Alan when Alan has gone to bed as part of Alan's bedtime ritual. I am going to look for a book I could not get at the library today as the one copy was out. The title is Unstrange Minds.
In between the planned activities, I will rest and put things away that have accumulated on surfaces while I have been ill. It is such a big job because I rested three weekends and have been sick for five weeks now. I sure wish I could delegate this one, but I will offer myself some kind of reward and do the best I can in short bursts.
Now the dryer buzzer is calling me. Laundry is light duty but also needs to be caught up.
I am glad to be back to being somewhat productive.



Blogger The Glasers said...

I am glad you are on the mend and you got Don back!

Don't fret about getting angry about the verbal stims. I do, too. I bet we all do! Pamela is adamant about having the room with the television to herself at noon. Every morning, she confirms this and I promise this and then she asks me about it nearly all morning until noon. One day I was exasperated and I wagged my finger at her and chewed her out for nagging.

Now, once I make the promise, she will remind me by wagging her finger at me and saying, "No nagging about the office." She does not do it as frequently as before, so I think she got the message!

Yesterday was Pamela's birthday, so we did no school or lab time. But, she did help me bake a cake, make the frosting, and decorate it for the first time ever in her life. She was concentrating so hard during the entire process, her referencing was minimal. I had to work for it!

I do not know why, but uncertainties abound when David is filming. Pamela had just called me stupid for nonverbally encouraging her to pour all of the coconut milk into the bowl. She used declarative language and shared her emotion. I laughed and told her she was smart.

Suddenly, a pan drying in the drainer fell into the sink, making a loud crash. Pamela began referencing me beautifully and she said it was magic. I told her it was not magic, but gravity. That was a definitely an emotion sharing moment in which both of us smiled and laughed and exchanged declarative comments.

I starting to think why Pamela has learned to be more flexible than many auties is that uncertainties always seem to happen around me!

5:00 AM  
Blogger Junosmom said...

I love reading about how you work with Alan. I think it would make a good book for people with children of similar challenges. What is stimming?

5:20 PM  

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