Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Own Methods of Comforting Myself
Circumstances have conspired recently to make it necessary for me to find ways to comfort myself. It occurred to me that some of my ways would be weird to others. It also occurred to me that some people might want to try some of the things that work for me.
Today, Alan and I were alone on a day when the sun did not shine all day. It began foggy and stayed dank and overcast, like I imagine Ireland to be much of the time. I also recognize that I need to move more. I had to break in on Alan's verbal stims, too. I asked him to put some music on the CD player. He found some 50s music beside the machine. He asked me if that was what I wanted. I told him sure. This was music familiar to me from ages 9 or 10 until 14 or 15. I taught Alan to jive. We danced to Elvis, the Everly Brothers and Little Richard. Most teens haven't a clue how to jive, I'll bet. Never mind. Mine can now. Blast some music with your kids. Dance. Find joy.
It isn't the best of times for Dana. I know that she enjoys humor, especially, perhaps as it might pertain to single moms of teenage boys. In better times, Dana belongs to a book club. I have also been in book clubs before. So, I decided that I am the family book club facilitator. I have heard Anne Lamott speak when Cate arranged that she and Dad would take Alan to the beach and I would be deposited at and picked up at an Anne Lamott lecture in Hollywood. Anne Lamott's new book was reviewed in today's Los Angeles Times newspaper. I still read newspapers, three of them on the weekend and two during the week. Also, the Wall Street Journal when Don brings it home from work to share with me. Reading is a quaint way to comfort oneself, but there you have it. I ordered a copy for me and one to be sent to Dana. Grace (Eventually) is the title of Lamott's new book and maybe this phase of my life.



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Ah, Mary. Wishing you peace.

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