Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Can Be Next?

Oh, my goodness! I read earlier today that garlic does not lower cholesterol. I've been taking garlic tablets for some time with the hope that it will have an effect on my cholesterol reading. I add fresh chopped garlic to a lot of my culinary efforts. Just now, I read that taking antioxidants does not give one a second more of life...in fact, by the analysis of this study, taking antioxidants shortens lives. No! It can't be so! I have been taking Vitamin C for decades and also take a famous brand of vitamin pills for mature people. I'm certain the next thing I read will say that oatmeal doesn't lower cholesterol either. Four or five days a week I eat oatmeal in the hope that it too will help to lower my cholesterol. I've also been walking. My friend, who works as the director of a center for the study of well-being, says that if a person does not get her heart rate up enough, the exercise she is getting isn't cutting it. Could I be walking too slowly? Could it be that the olive oil I have substituted for most fats isn't helping, either? Maybe I should just stop reading Prevention magazine. Cancel my on-line subscription to Dr. Weil. Go back to bed.



Blogger Junosmom said...

The experts' advice does seem to change frequently, doesn't it? And, in the end, we all get older anyway :-)

5:27 PM  

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