Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Hard Freeze

We have lived in an extremely cold winter climate before. We do understand that most people have much colder weather than we do here. Having said that, we are thoroughly acclimated to living here. We feel cold whenever the temperature dips below forty degrees Fahrenheit.

This morning, after a night of record cold, our son exclaimed in wonder that there was ice on the top of the dogs' water dishes. We told him to bring them inside, clean them out, and put in fresh water. "But what about my hands!" Alan exclaimed. We told him we thought he could manage to bring the dishes inside. He balked. He went out to the tool shed and got his leather work gloves. Then he was able to carry each dish inside. He dumped the ice out into the stainless steel sink in the kitchen with a clunk. "Boy, the ice is sure thick!" he told us. You're right. He has no idea. He was too young to remember when he was in Canada and there was ice and snow in March.

My roses need cutting back. Did I do that today? Not on your life. I found that I had letters to write and a kitchen floor to wash. I know they can wait until it warms up, and I know it will.

Alan also noticed that the hibiscus was wilted. Dad told him that was ok, it needs cutting back so the white fly infestation won't flourish. Our first year when we lived in Walnut, we were devastated when the hibicus there froze. We thought we would lose the plants. Not to worry. They came back after being pruned back. I may have lost some of the plants in my hanging baskets. I'll probably have to take a trip to the garden center to get some more bedding plants for them. That can also wait. I'm not about to go out and get my hands cold now. I told you, I'm acclimated to this climate.



Blogger Junosmom said...

Wow, it must be colder there than here! We've had no ice - 47 degrees, but lots of rain. We are muddy!

4:16 PM  

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