Friday, January 26, 2007

Recital Tonight

This evening, our son Alan is playing in his drum recital. His piece is "From Me to You" by the Beatles. Last year was his first ever recital. He played "Love, Love Me Do" that night. He was second on the program after the teacher's young son, Max. Max is adorable and has turned six this year so will be playing something more difficult than before. He will outshine Alan. That's ok.

The fact that Alan can get up on a stage, perform in front of a group, and manage to get through it is enough for me. Last year, he did fine. He only forgot to bring his music book down from the stage and had to have it handed to him. I coached him about that today, and will mention it again once we are in the room.

My goal for Alan is simply to get through the experience, and, if possible, enjoy his moment on stage.


Blogger The Glasers said...

Congratulations, Alan!

I have a friend in her 60s who recently took up drums. She is an amazing lady and managed to get backstage at a Wynona Judd concert and brazenly asked Wynona to sign her drumsticks. (I think being a cancer survivor softened a lot of hears). My friend now keeps her Wynona sticks for display.

Did Alan enjoy himself?

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