Saturday, February 10, 2007

Taking a Chance

Today, for a few minutes, I wandered amongst the racks of clothing in a couple of mall stores. I had the time while my husband was getting a shirt and a belt. He didn't get them in the first store, so we went to another. I noted that many of the tops for women look like those I wore for maternity tops when I was expecting. I don't ever want to wear those things again. Maternity fashions have changed. Young women who are pregnant today wear their clothes tightly stretched over their bodies. I think they look fine. I just don't want to wear the loose tops again. What I didn't see, though, were clothes for me. I am a woman who wants classic lines with a little style.

This evening, I had a look in a couple of online catalogs. One outfit in Travelsmith caught my eye. I ended up ordering it. I felt like I was taking a chance, since I couldn't feel the fabric, nor try on the pants. Pants are always harder to fit than tops for me. We'll see, when the outfit comes, whether the gamble was a good one or not. I have rarely had to return items that I have bought online or from a catalog. Let's hope that I'm equally lucky this time.



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Catching up on my blog reading. Time for an update from you :-)

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