Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tending Toward Being a Vegetarian
All of my life, I have eaten meat and fish. As I eat these days, however, I am not much for meat. When we go out to eat, I often choose to eat a vegetarian meal. I am fond of quiche and casseroles. I like veggies and fruit a lot. Probably, if I were just cooking for myself, I would rarely cook any meat or even fish. Tonight we had salmon that Don made. He cooked it up nicely. My reaction when we were done was, "That's a lot of fish to leave." He is going away and I won't likely want to eat it while he is gone. Maybe it will go to waste. While I don't like to waste food, I also don't make myself eat something that doesn't appeal to me. I have to say, even the piece I ate, I ate more for the fact that it is supposed to do good things for my heart than for enjoyment of it as being a big part of my meal.
And what sort of recipes do appeal to me now?

I like to look at recipes in magazines and books for inspiration. A recipe in one is for Mango-Veggie salsa. That does look good to me. I am very likely to leave out the serrano chile but the rest of the ingredient list looks good. I am originally from Canada. The food I grew up with was pretty dull by today's standards. Even Canadians nowadays don't eat so blandly as we did then. When I was first married, my husband and I joked about a "hunk o' meat and a couple of veggies make a meal." All these years later, most meals we make have several veggies, either in a salad or in side dishes. The thing is, that is enough for me. As someone with a BMI that is greater than I feel good at, I am going to make that the meal. I think I can safely eat a lot more veggies than I can meat and "white" foods. So, my meal plan is to tend to the colorful and tasty. If the BMI comes down, that will be fantastic. In the meantime, I'll be trying all sorts of new recipes and new ingredients.


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