Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Game
One of the many things parents want their kids to be able to do is to play games as good sports. That is certainly also my goal in teaching games to Alan. We ended well today, with him shaking hands with the winner of a card game. He really likes this game. I like it, too.
The reason that I like Apples to Apples is that it doesn't have the predictable outcome that many games have. The "judge" has to choose which card he or she thinks fits best. The judge's choice is final, whether or not all players would choose that same card or not.
We are playing the junior edition. Soon, I think, Alan can play the adult version, so we will probably get it in the next few months.
Alan likes to win. He prefers to win. Yet he is learning that in order to play, sometimes he doesn't win, and the fun of playing is enough.


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