Sunday, October 29, 2006

Photo Options

It seems to me that we are leaving no photo record anymore. Back in the middle of the last century before color film was always used, we had negatives to go with black and white photos. They lasted a long time and could still be copied years later. I know we have many of them around still tucked away in some box or other. Black and white photos, such as the single professional photo we had taken for our wedding, still look good. On the other hand, the color photos taken by friends and family are funny looking in color now. They weren't really good quality then, either.

Nowadays, we have a movie camera, though it isn't yet a digital camera. We have a digital still camera and we can copy our photos to the computer. We have plenty of photos we have taken with that camera. The thing is, even for ones we would have liked to keep and put in an album, they are only in the computer. We have our own printer but there is so much to be done to adjust the image that we don't do it often.

For Alan's RDI therapy, we are encouraged to take video and send it to our consultant. This weekend, Don bought a device that allows me to hook the camera up to it and to the computer and burn a DVD directly. Our other system of hooking the camera up to the home theater system is too complicated and I have never learned to use it. That means that I can't use the video camera and burn a DVD when Don isn't here to do it. Now, I am learning how to burn it through the DVD burner in the computer. Then we will have a disc which we can hope will last a long time and that we can look at later.

Don has taken some of our old home videos, particularly the ones that include Brian, and burned a DVD of them. The thing is, the home theater system is clunky and he has to mess around to do it. All that with valuable time we need to be doing other things, such as relaxing for even a few minutes.

I know that some people send their photos out to be "developed" from their digital camera. I don't know how that works. Don did copy some to a device and we brought them to a machine at Target. After all the work was done by the two of us to select photos, orient them and then print, the machine malfunctioned and we walked out without any so were discouraged from that process. I really don't want to spend time on Saturday morning hunched over a machine at Target.

I think there is also a way to send the photos online to Target from our home computer and then we just have to go in and pick them up. I think that there are other services that do that also. All I have done so far is to put some photos up on Yahoo! photos. I will have to investigate how they might be printed from there.

All these options and new technologies that don't seem to be straightforward mean that we don't have a photo record. I wish I were more technologically savvy. Right now, though, it is all I can do to figure out how to blog. And today, I read that some people actually write blogs that appeal to many people. They have ads on their blogs, know how many hits they get, and make money from their writing that way.

I'm not throwing up my hands and saying I am too old to figure this out. I think I just need some mentoring. And, if you have figured out how to send digital photos out to be printed, do tell me. I don't want to be a Luddite!


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I have not used this site for getting digital photos developed, but have you tried Snapfish: I am sure Snapfish isn't the only one. It is really easy because you upload the photos and share them with other people whose system might get bogged down trying to email them photos.

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