Saturday, October 28, 2006

How Do You Take Your Tea?

Since I moved to California, I have always had the dilemma of what to do when getting tea here. If I am offered tea, I usually take it when I am out because I can't drink cafeinnated tea in the evening and making decaf. usually requires another pot for the host or hostess, putting them to extra work, or they don't have any.

Then, most often, I am offered tea bags and boiling water. At least the water is boiling in private homes. Usually in restaurants, it is merely hot. For a good cup of tea, the water must be boiling and just taken off the boil to pour over the tea bag or tea leaves. Once I have allowed the tea to steep long enough, I usually also have to decide what to do with the tea bag. If I am given a cup and saucer, it could possibly go in the saucer. Most often, I am given a mug. I am guessing that the host or hostess usually doesn't drink tea him or herself, or if so, they dispose of the tea bag into the trash immediately. I often don't know where the trash is, and also, I don't want to drip hot tea over their floor. Does one squeeze out the tea bag into the mug and hope for no drips?
I wonder if giving the hostess a tea pot would be considered a rebuke or otherwise be impolite?

Today, I looked in Pier One for a tea pot. There were none sold there. We went to Cost Plus. They did have tea pots, but they were for one or two cups. I did get a small tea pot, but rarely am I making tea that I want only one or two small cups. I am making it to drink several cups. That's what I do in the afternoon when I am home. I even reheat it if it goes cold. Unheard of, I know, to tea drinking purists. My mom, who never owned a microwave, would drink tea cold if it had gone cold before it was used up. I don't like cold tea. I never drink iced tea. It isn't the same drink. Certainly it doesn't taste good to me if it is sweetened.

To complicate my tea drinking when I am a guest, I need to have a bit of milk or cream in it for it to taste good. My husband takes his tea clear. I like mine with something white. Liquid white. The vilest thing I have had to drink was a cup of tea with powdered coffee whitener. I hate it in coffee and think it spoils the coffee. For tea it was vile.

What I'd really like is to give all my hosts and hostesses a proper tea party with my lovely china tea sets I brought from Canada which were wedding gifts. I would do it to bring us all pleasure, but I am not sure it would not be seen as being a snob. I don't want that. So, if you are one of those who offer a mug and a tea bag, please help me out and put me at ease. What do you expect me to do with the tea bag? And, what if I would like a second cup?

Oh, and also, none of this herbal tea stuff. They aren't the same thing at all. I'd rather have a glass of water, thank you.


Blogger Junosmom said...

I have a really cool teapot for 2 that my mom gave me. It has a little strainer in it for loose tea. She used to own a coffee/tea shop in a mall. I love it. One of my favorite things.

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