Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Time Change
Even here in southern California where the amount of daylight is not cut so dramatically as it was when we lived in Edmonton, in the fall when the time changes, we have darkness at suppertime with no daylight after dinner. In addition, this year, we had a much cooler day than we had yesterday, which was cooler still than the day before. I would say we have had about a fifteen degree drop. There was early morning drizzle and in the late afternoon when I went to Curves, I was glad I had worn my new hoodie. Yes, I did get that hoodie for a reward for going regularly. This one is light purple. It was on special at our "boutique" called Tar-jay. I wouldn't mind having a black one, but am glad to have a colored one.
The mood has been set for real fall weather. There are red, brown and yellow leaves blowing around and decorating lawns and sidewalks. There aren't so many that people are getting out to rake them. People here don't do yard work of their own all that much. The mow, blow and go guys will blow away any that are left when they get to it.
Alan likes sweat pants to put on on cool mornings. He had his on this morning. Yet when it was time to go to the teen center in the afternoon, he changed to shorts. He had hoped to play basketball. The gym was in use by typical teens playing volleyball for the third week. Apparently he played pool and board games. He was also telling the woman in charge about his favored computer games "back in the nineties when I was a little kid." He keeps asking me if I remember the fifties and tells me that his sisters remember the eighties. All this in his new, low voice much of the time. He wants to see some photos taken when he was a child. I wish that I had been the kind of mom who hired a sitter and sat in the dining room putting photos into albums, just for a brief moment. I told him, though, that I was really busy carrying him around in my arms, doing things he wanted to do, and taking him places. I took photos but didn't get them into albums. Maybe we can unearth some this winter. He could help me to organize them into years if he wanted to during the long evenings indoors.
When Don came home and gave me a hug, he said I felt cold. I told him I needed to put on a sweater. He lit the gas fire in the fire place and we had a glass of wine while reading the paper. Cozying up while the daylight fades isn't a bad ritual. We bring the dogs in to the family room for company. Even here in southern California, we do indoor pursuits during the fall and winter.


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I have a large box with photos, not good at albums either. I figure some day, when the kids are grown, I'll work on it.

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